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Cecilia Anastos

Hope to Stop Being Frustrated and Worried - Oil on canvas

Hope to Stop Being Frustrated and Worried - Oil on canvas

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Expressing my feelings of frustration because I cannot seem to convince a person I love very much to take better care of his health. I felt like the popular saying of bringing the horse to the river however not being able to make it drink the water. 

Worried because I care very much about this person.

The yellow squares are hope of putting the woman as a whole again, free of these feelings.

The grey squares have zen verses of encouragement and compassion.

The magenta goes along with a series I began in 2021 where I compose figurative images of women in states of vulnerability and I always use magenta and yellow in those compositions. Moreover, magenta is the color of the year 2023. 


2023 - March 2nd- 31st– Las Laguna Art Gallery – Figure or Faces Exhibition

Title: Frustrated and Worried

Year: 2023

Size; 24 x 18 inches

Medium: Oil

Support: Canvas

Framed: 1.5 inch golden wood frame

Style: Contemporary; figurative

Feature: Framed. Ready to hang. Free shipping in the USA.

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