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Cecilia Anastos

Dancing my head off in the rain

Dancing my head off in the rain

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In this surreal self-portrait, I am sitting on the left corner of an upside down umbrella in a blue sky with my head off. My head is placed at the other end of the umbrella. I like to paint dichotomies and in this composition we see the open umbrella on a sunny day. I have maintained the limited palette of violet, yellow, blue and orange that I am using in this series of headless self-portraits. 

I channeled vibrant vitality through bold, textured strokes, encapsulating the cathartic joy of surrendering to life's whims. The fluidity of colors dances with surreal whimsy, inviting viewers into a realm where fantasy and reality elegantly converge. Each brushstroke embodies an ecstatic release, a testament to embracing the beauty of existence in its raw intensity. 

This piece radiates an invigorating spirit, poised to infuse any space with its exuberant essence.

Title: Dancing my head off in the rain


March 2024 at Big Screen Plaza New York

Year: 2024

Size: 36 x 36 inches

Medium: Oil

Support: Canvas

Frame: None

Style: Contemporary; surrealism

Feature: One of kind. No prints. Free shipping in the USA.

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