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Cecilia Anastos

Checkmate - Oil on canvas

Checkmate - Oil on canvas

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Checkmate has an oil palette of blue and magenta. The composition is surreal impressionism. It exudes self-confidence and determination. It makes me feel empowered.

The idea present on this composition is that most women are strategic thinkers. The background is a chess board. I selected the rook and the knight because they do not move linearly across the board, like the pawn. These two pieces move in different directions, and can go forward or retreat when needed.

Often times, women choose to pretend that they do not see what it is going on. The Spanish language has the phrase "hacer la vista gorda" for this attitude. The woman in the composition has her eyes closed; however, the eye on her hand means that women are always watching and know what it is going on.

The hand on the upper right corner is a symbol of manipulation. Many women around the world are either manipulated or they have to be constantly on guard against manipulators.

This work relates to my previous paintings where I express the vulnerability of women using the color magenta.

Title: Checkmate

Year: 2023

Size; 36 x 36 inches

Medium: Oil

Support: Canvas

Framed: None

Style: Contemporary; surreal impressionism

Feature: Unframed. Free shipping in the USA.

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