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Cecilia Anastos

Chagalí - The Invisible Woman

Chagalí - The Invisible Woman

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In creating this piece, I've ventured into the surreal, exploring the facets of the unseen and the unspoken. The often unspoken fact that women are not seen as a Gestalt, a whole, but rather as parts: boobs, buttocks, legs. The unseen refers to the women who see themselves as parts as well, and to those who prefer not to talk about the subject: the objectivization of the woman's body and not for the purpose of artistic expression but monetary exploitation.

Each stroke of oil paint adds depth to a narrative of hidden emotions and elusive presences that dare the observer to look beyond the surface. The play of colors and textures invites an immersive experience where the visible and invisible intersect, a testament to the complexities of human existence.

This artwork is meant to bring an intriguing and thought-provoking energy to any space it inhabits.

Title: Chagalí - The Invisible Woman

Year: 2024

Size; 36 x 36 inches

Medium: Oil

Support: Canvas

Frame: None

Style: Contemporary; surrealism

Feature: One of a kind. No prints. Free shipping in the USA.

All sales are final. No returns are accepted for this product. I, the artist, do my best to provide an accurate description and realistic pictures. But colors may appear slightly different to each user due to individual monitor settings.

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